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Dear Girl Splash,

Yayyy!!! We're so excited! This will actually be our 3rd time attending Girl Splash - but this time we will be getting married while we're there. We always have a such a wonderful time.

We initially heard about Girl Splash through some friends living in Boston. It's a long trip for us from Louisiana, but always worth the journey. We're bringing a group of 6 people with us this year - and this will be their first Girl Splash experience. Looking forward to another fantastic trip!!!

Kim & the girls from NOLA 

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2015 Parties at a glance

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  • KICK-OFF PARTY - Tuesday, July 21

  • GIRL BLAST WELCOME PARTY - Wednesday, July 22

  • Garden Party - Thursday, July 22

  • SPLASH DANCE - Thursday, July 22

  • "ORANGE IS THE NEW SPLASH" PARTY - Friday, July 24
  • WHITE PARTY - Saturday, July 25

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  • Dune Tour & Beach Fire - Thursday, 6:30PM

  • Cape Cod Clambake on the Beach - Friday, 6:30PM

  • Dune Tour & Beach Fire - Saturday, 6:30PM

  • Sunset Schooner Sail - Saturday, 7PM

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